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Sutherland Eyes is run partly as a hobby - I don't aim to make a fortune from it, simply to cover my costs and create a little income - so charges are probably much less than you might imagine. Ours is a highly personalised service, making it almost impossible to give a 'scale of charges' but, of course, you'll need some idea of costs before you make a decision.

I like to agree fees with every client before starting each stage of a project and base them on an approximate daily rate of US$100 (payable in GBP) plus expenses (fuel, documents, admission charges, etc.). It's often cost-effective to agree the details of a first stage of enquiry and its cost, then review the results before going further.

The best way to find out the likely cost of a project before deciding is for us to discuss it: simply contact me!

War Memorial, Dornoch, SutherlandRogart, Sutherland - memorial to Canadian Prime Minister Sir John MacDonald