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Finding the story of your ancestors is never easy - records may exist which will give you names, places, dates of birth, marriage and death. But how and where did those people live? - what did they see around them? - records can't give you that.

The only way to answer those questions is by visiting the area - very rewarding, but only if your budget and mobility allow you to do it.

The only way - until now, that is . . .

First, about me: I am Denise Ferne - I live and work in the Royal Burgh of Dornoch, the County Town of Sutherland (to see more about Dornoch, click here). I have considerable experience in archive research and genealogy, and also managed our local museum. I've undertaken my own family history research and searched archives for others, a service offered by many people on the web. Records themselves are useless unless you understand them - place names, occupations, name variations, usually require a good local knowledge to make any sense.

The exceptional thing I can offer is simply that of being here! With a good knowledge of local history, I'm equipped and able to identify your ancestors and where they lived, and to find and visit those places on your behalf.

The following pages will show you what I can offer in furthering your research and demonstrate what can be provided for very reasonable cost.

Ruined crofts at Polouriscaig, ArmadaleStrathy Church, Bettyhill - now a museumBen Klibreck, in the centre of Sutherland